Legislative Issues:
Protecting Engineering in Texas
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Advocating & Protecting Texas Engineering!


ACEC Texas commits considerable resources to advocating for the interests of engineering firms.  Most of those resources are provided by the generous members of the Public Policy Council (PPC).  Without the support of the PPC, most of the industry changing legislative reforms and protections for the engineering community accomplished by ACEC Texas would not have been possible, including:

  • Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS):  Protection against numerous attacks on QBS for design services.

  • Flood Infrastructure Funding:  Supported and helped pass over $1.8 billion in flood infrastructure funding from the Economic Stabilization Fund, also known as the “Rainy Day Fund.

  • Protections Against Paying Another’s Defense Costs or Indemnifying Negligent Acts:  Limitations of uninsurable duty to defend clauses in public contracts for design services, including requiring the ordinary and reasonable standard of care.  Limitations on the ability of private and public owners to require engineering firms to indemnify owners against the owners’ negligence.

  • Reduce Meritless Claims:  Require a certificate of merit for all plaintiffs in lawsuits against design professionals to reduce frivolous claims.

  • Right to Repair Design Defects:  Allow a design firm to inspect and repair any found defects in public projects.

  • Transportation Project Funding:  Increasing funds to the State Highway Fund for engineering and construction spending for transportation projects by over $3 billion per year through reallocating portions of oil and gas severance taxes (Proposition 1), general sales and motor vehicle taxes (Proposition 7).

  • Unnecessary Removal from Project Team:  Implement restrictions for design-build firms chosen for projects who attempt to replace or remove a design firm identified in the selected proposal.

  • Protection Against Sales Tax on Design Services

  • Protecting Competitive Information:  Limitations on the release of firm’s proprietary information under the Public Information Act.

  • Public University Construction Funding:  Supported over $3 billion in funding for public university facility construction.

  • Protecting the Private Sector Against Government Competition

To read more about ACEC Texas Legislative efforts, please click on the following link:  ACEC Texas PPC Legislative Advocacy

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