Case Studies in Engineering Excellence
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Ever wonder "What engineering firms do?"

Well, the answers to these questions may not be that obvious to an average citizen who sees a builder hanging steel for a new building or pouring concrete for a new bridge.


Where does the engineer fit into this process?

In almost every case, an engineering company developed the plans that the builder is following to complete the job. Ensuring that buildings and bridges are structurally stable, that traffic flows smoothly and safely, that runoff from land development activities does not pollute streams, that water is safe to drink -- these are the jobs of the engineer and the engineering companies - people working together Designing the Future of Texas.

Below you will see case studies of ACEC Texas Member Firms applying their expertise and judgment to the specialized need of the individual client, while ensuring a finished project reflecting quality and value. These projects were all winners in ACEC Texas’ 2017 Engineering Excellence Awards competition, which recognizes innovation, creativity, and the ability of firms to meet and exceed the expectations of clients.

Simply click on these projects to read more about examples of extraordinary engineering design:


Engineering Solves Problems . . . By Protecting National Security
Engineering Solves Problems . . . By Balancing Traffic Management
Engineering Solves Problems . . . With Dual Performance



Engineering Solves Problems . . . By Delivering Millions With 3-D Scanning
 Engineering Solves Problems . . . With Some Creative Relief
Engineering Solves Problems . . . With An Effort Worth The Wait


Engineering Solves Problems . . . By Turning Flash Floods Into An Urban Oasis
Engineering Solves Problems . . . By Transforming An Icon
Engineering Solves Problems . . . With Public Private Perfection



Engineering Solves Problems . . . With An Energy Star


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